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Digital Wisdom

DIGITAL WISDOM®, a new and innovative publisher of original titles for digital media, presents its award-winning flagship product Mountain High Maps® Version 2.5, a unique resource of highly-accurate relief map projections and globe views encompassing the world, continents, and individual countries.

Digital Wisdom offers a wide range of products for the graphics professional: GlobeShots®, a resource containing detailed colorized globe views; Frontiers™, outline maps detailing numerous geopolitical features such as coastlines, borders, cities, rivers, latitude and longitude, and more. Two other featured products, EarthShots® and CoolMaps®, are stock and clip-art image collections derived from Mountain High Maps®.

Already widely used by such luminary organizations as The United Nations, NASA, CNN, and The World Bank, Mountain High Maps are a proven success. The Digital Wisdom creative team has expanded its product catalog to include many new titles - USA Relief, CoolMaps® USA, Earth Images, Satellite Images and a full range of art CDs to complement its professional designer products: Flags of the World and Antique Maps of the World.

All of Digital Wisdom's products take advantage of the company's ability to present information that is at the same time easy to use, cost effective, and inspirational - appealing to professionals, designers, art directors, publishers, television and video production companies, advertising agencies, corporate publishers and government agencies alike.

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Digital Wisdom Inc.
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Map catalog at:    http://www.digiwis.com/catalog.htm
Product overview: http://www.relief-maps.com


Sales inquiries: 800-800-8560 (USA & Canada)
International:    +1-804-443-9000

Some of the Digital Wisdom products:
World Maps HQ - http://www.digiwis.com
U S A Relief Maps - http://www.usarelief.com
Antique Art Maps  - http://www.antique-map.net
U S A Map Overview - http://www.usa-maps.net
Custom Maps Quote - http://www.custom-map.com
Earth Satellite Views - http://www.earth-images.com
World Map Overview - http://www.world-maps.org
Satellite 1km Imagery - http://www.satellite-images.com

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